MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Plans Action Day at the State House

Coalition collage

Join the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence State House Action Day on November 6, 2013. It is time for our elected officials not just to listen, but to answer. This press event and lobbying day is your opportunity to make our collective priorities heard, by showing up and telling important decision makers one-on-one that we demand meaningful gun violence prevention legislation in order to curb the violence in all our communities. Register now so that we know how many people will be visiting each elected official. Click here for a flyer to print and share.

When: November 6, 2013
Where: Boston State House Grand Staircase Second Floor
Time: 10:00am- 12:30pm

Coalition’s Key Priorities for New Gun Legislation:

  1. Require background checks every time a gun is sold.
  2. Expand police chiefs’ discretion to deny gun licensees when appropriate.
  3. Limit gun sales to one gun per month.
  4. Collect data to better determine where crime guns are coming from.

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